Hair Replacement Surgery: All You Need To Know

On an average, 50 – 100 hair strands per day is the normal rate of hair fall treatment, which, considering that the average scalp contains 100,000 follicular hair, may not sound a lot. However, research has indicated that 9 out of 10 people are highly concerned if they start losing their hair in their 30s.


In the changing landscape of beauty and personal appearance technologies, hair replacement surgery has equally advanced. Gone are the days when people used to receive irreversible damage to their body because of the physical damage that can be caused by surgery or ageing. It has taken the long journey of time and research, but hair replacement surgery is no longer in its emerging stages.

Today, hair transplant has become one of the latest offerings available to improve your physical appearance. Apart from those who have lost hair through surgery or natural causes, there also exists a group of individuals who undertake hair replacement surgery to get themselves an attractive mane or style.

If you have decided to bring your hair back by undergoing hair transplant surgery, there are certain things need to be considered before taking this step:

1. Research the background and qualifications of selected hair replacement experts.

  • Do check the total years of experience of the hair replacement team.
  • Check the total number of hair replacement surgeries they have performed.
  • Search the web to find out more details about the organization.

2. Look for all possible answers you need

All you need is to filter the right professionals from research and compare their results. Of course, you have to pay a fair amount of money if you decide to opt for hair transplant. However, the overall spending will worth the outcome if you choose a team with a great track record and working experience in this area, and who have a series of proven results that shows their ability to fulfil your expectations. All that matters in the end is the quality of the results achieved.

3. If you have had surgery previously, confirm the effectiveness this time

Meet your personal hair expert and ask them for all the information regarding the hair replacement surgery. In most cases, if a person has gone through a hair replacement surgery in the past but did not get the desired result, the second hair replacement surgery will not work either. We know that you miss those old days when you had a head full of hair, but before the second attempt just make sure that you are not wasting your money and more importantly, risking the limited number of hair follicles you have left.

4. Baldness can be caused by multiple factors

Hair transplant procedure is one of the most powerful treatments developed for regrowth of hair.

Studies have revealed that often baldness is a result of genetics. If your forefathers had baldness, then hair loss may be hereditary. In this case, some of the remedies may not be applicable. Pay attention to your personal habits that are contributing to restricting your hair growth. Take professional advice from an expert hair consultant to explore more ways of retaining and maintaining your hair.

Although hair replacement surgery is a relatively popular choice to overcome hair loss, it does not guarantee for how many months or years its effects will be visible if an appropriate team is not selected for the procedure. Unfortunately, this reality is realised by many only after completing a procedure with an ill-experienced team.

Advanced Hair Studio is one of the best hair clinics in the world at helping individuals resolve various types of hair problems. For more information and to get answers to any queries related to hair replacement surgery, call the experts on
+971 4345 1233.


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